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Range Facility & Technology

The Barracks 616 indoor range offers a total of 12 (25-yard) shooting lanes — 8 full-time public lanes, and 4 private lanes (see Memberships). Our state-of-the-art range offers safety & environmental benefits not available elsewhere in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Action Target’s Total Containment Trap™ (TCT) is the dominant industry standard for modern, heavy-duty, steel bullet traps. The TCT incorporates the strengths, and eliminates the weaknesses, of other traps, and is the superior choice for ranges where safety, reliability, and ease of use are top priorities.

It protects shooters by eliminating dangerous splatter, ricochet, and lead dust build up. It also protects the environment by collecting lead fragments into sealable containers, by vacuuming and filtering lead dust, and by not incorporating potentially hazardous materials like rubber, oil, or contaminated water.


  • While the Total Containment Trap™ (TCT) design allows for this flexibility in specialized tactical training, see Range Rules for regular use.
  • Only new factory ammo is allowed on the range. All ammo subject to inspection and possibly rejection. No steel, armor piercing, tracers, reloads or aluminum. Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm as recommended by the manufacturer. see Range Rules for complete details.


Action Target TCT The TCT is an independent, free-standing trap. Every component exposed to potential impact is made of the finest through hardened AR500 or AR550 armor steel.


The TCT can be used safely with handguns, shotguns (including slugs), rifles such as .223 and .308, and even .50 AE caliber rounds. All types of frangible and other lead-free rounds are also no problem. Because a shooting range is no place for lightweight equipment, the TCT is engineered to withstand the punishment of concentrated, high volume, everyday shooting.

Complete Protection

The TCT protects shooters by directing dangerous ricochets and lead dust build up. It protects the environment by collecting lead fragments into sealed containers, by containing and filtering lead dust, and by not using potentially hazardous materials like rubber, oil, or contaminated water.

Funnel Plates

Action Target Funnel Plates Gently sloping funnel plates reduce bullet break up on initial impact. Bullets slide along the plates until they reach the deceleration chamber where they are safely contained. Splatter and ricochet are virtually eliminated, even when firing at very close distances. This safe capture is achieved without water, oil, rubber, or any foreign material whatsoever. The mouth and throat remain completely open and free from hazardous vertical supports, deflectors, or other leading edges. Safety is increased because there is nothing in the line of fire except your target.

Deceleration Chamber

Action Target Deceleration Chamber After bullets slide along the funnel plates and pass through the open throat, they enter the deceleration chamber where they safely spin along a round steel path until their energy is fully dissipated, and they fall harmlessly to the bottom of the trap. Because you should not be limited to shooting just straight ahead, the Total Containment Trap™ (TCT) has a patented open throat and internal chamber design with absolutely no deflectors, side walls, or other vertical edges found in other designs. You can stand in lane 1 and safely shoot into lane 10 with no vertical obstructions whatsoever. This revolutionary open throat and chamber design gives you tremendous flexibility when it comes to tactical training, and other cross-lane shooting. The chambers are assembled to form a continuous sealed environment with no gaps.

IMPORTANT: While the Total Containment Trap™ (TCT) design allows for this flexibility in specialized tactical training, see Range Rules for regular use.

Dust Collection Unit (DCU)

Action Target Dust Collection Unit (DCU) The DCU is a negative pressure vacuum system that continuously removes lead dust and other fine airborne particles from inside the deceleration chambers of the TCT. This technology is unique to Action Target (installed at Barracks 616 by Carey's Heating and Air Conditioning, Small Arms Range Ventilation specialists), and is effective on both indoor and outdoor ranges. To comply with OSHA regulations and protect the surrounding environment, the DCU uses its own internal filters to clean the air from the trap before it is exhausted. Our negative pressure vacuum system is superior to positive pressure for two significant reasons. First, a curtain of air at the throat of the trap works both ways. High speed video footage shows that dust created by a bullet sliding along the funnel plates follows the rest of the bullet into the deceleration chamber. If a positive pressure air curtain is in the way, the dust can be blocked from passing through the throat and entering the chamber, and can be pushed back onto the range. Second, positive pressure can actually force dust created inside the chamber back out the throat of the trap. Try blowing a cotton ball into a glass or a bottle for a compelling example of this phenomenon.


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Range Fees & Firearms Rentals

Range Fees

Action Target Funnel Plates Barracks 616 offers eight (8) public firing lanes, and four (4) private lanes. The 8 public lanes are available to use at any time during normal business hours, and are not impacted by classes offered by Barracks 616; those classes use the private lanes.

  • $18 per hour
  • $12 per 1/2 hour
  • 50% off for 2nd person (maximum 2 people per lane)

Call us to make reservations up to one (1) month in advance.



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Range Reservations

Range reservations can be scheduled up to one (1) month in advance for individual range reservations. Contact Us to discuss details regarding Group Reservations.

You can refer to our Class & Events Calendar for scheduling. While you're there, consider signing up for one of our several classes to enhance your skills. NOTE that our classes do not impact availability of our eight (8) public range lanes — we use our private lanes for classes.



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Range Rules & Policies

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Prior to using the Barracks 616 Firing Range, you will be required to read and sign (on-site) our Range Policies document. These Rules & Policies are posted online only for your review — actual form must be filled out on-site before entering the range.

Download PDF
Barracks 616 Range Rules & Policies (Download in PDF format)